Pathfinder Progress:

Here is a note from David Thompson on progress with his Pathfinder. He's making good progress and this shot gives an idea of how he is going with the project.

Hi John
Just thought i would let you know my progress to odate: turned her over on the weekend and have started fixing the bottom. I left the seats and decks for when she is back upright as I wanted to leave her as light as possible to turn (which i did with ropes and pulleys tied to the roof of the shed.) I have rough cut the seats and bunk flats and have the spars made and epoxied but not finished with paint/varnish.

Trailer has been ordered and sails are on the way!

I tell people my expected launch date is March 2006. I am racing my daughter: she is finishing her phd. Odds are 2 to 1 in my favour at the moment!

Cheers and thanks (my building is not brilliant but she is a lovely shape)