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     A Navigator launches in Alaska

     A Note from Tom Willliamson

     Camp Cruising Wind Lass

     A Walkabout in the Pacific Northwest

     Report from Steve Earley

     John Shrapnel's Sherpa

     Peter Murton's 6 Metre Whaler

     Steve Earley - Pathfinder

     Dave Prudon's Rogue

     Luis Nin Estévez - Swaggie

     Marcus Raimon and Tender Behind

     David Thompson's Pathfinder

     Flemming Sorensen's Navigator

     Mike Parker's Rogue

     Steve Macare's Navigator

     Greg Walter's Seagull

     Peter Kortens' Navigator

     Thierry Cabin Pathfinder Update

     Jon Campbell's Houdini

     Wayne Jorgensen's Walkabout


     Miles Porteous' Rogue

     Stan Hodgkinson's Navigator, "Popeye"

     Roger Kane's Houdini

     Ross Lillistone's Janette

     KIBW's Sherpa

     Duncan Holdsworth's Houdini

     Penguins in the South

     Swaggie - tell us what you think

     Stephen Borghardt- Light Dory

     Paul Wapp and Mark Paterson - Sweet Pea

     Wayne Jorgensen - Walkabout

     Paul Groome - Pathfinder