Basic Materials List – Tread Lightly

 This list has been prepared by Ross Lillistone of Bayside Wooden Boats as a service to plans customers. It should not be taken as either a complete or as an exclusive list. Sizes of materials are based on Australian standard DAR (dressed-all-round) dimensions, and should be considered advisory only. Quantities are based on a detailed examination of the printed plans, not from an actual boatbuilding project. Plywood sheet usage has been calculated from the sum of the surface areas of individual components, and the addition of allowances. It has been adjusted to take into account estimations based on my experience with similar projects. Plywood sheet sizes are assumed to be 2440mm x 1220mm, and MDF panel sizes to be 2400mm x 1200mm – however, the plywood quantity should be adequate if 2400mm x 1200mm sheets are used. Epoxy quantity is an estimate based on similar projects, and should not be taken as prescriptive. No allowance has been made for fastenings or paint.

The ruling consideration should be, “If in doubt, use common sense; or contact the designer (John Welsford); Bayside Wooden Boats; or other trusted supplier such as Boatcraft Pacific”.

9mm Marine Plywood (BS1088 or AUS/NZ2272) 8 sheets
6mm Marine Plywood (BS1088 or AUS/NZ2272) 1 sheet
4mm Marine Plywood (BS1088 or AUS/NZ2272) 2 sheets
3mm Marine Plywood (BS1088 or AUS/NZ2272) 1 sheet
16mm MDF 2 sheets
42mm x 19mm Structural Softwood (Oregon, Hoop Pine etc) 42 metres  (chine stringers, plank battens etc)
70mm x 19mm Structural Softwood (Oregon, Hoop Pine etc)  2.4 metres (Centreboard case bed logs)
32mm x 40mm hardwood or high quality, durable softwood  2.4 metres (Centreboard case head ledges)
50mm x 53mm  600mm (Centreboard case cap)
32mm x 32mm 600mm (Centreboard case cap)
25mm x 25mm Structural Softwood   17 metres (Laminated centerboard)
25mm x 25mm Hardwood    2.4 metres (Centreboard leading and trailing edges)
19mm x 19mm Structural Softwood 6 metres (Fabrication of bulkheads etc.)
Skegs pieced together from 25mm hardwood to make best use of available stock  
165mm x 19mm Structural Softwood 1.8 metres  (Fabrication of laminated Stem)
Strongback from available material (e.g. 12 metres of 100mm x 50mm, 6 metres of 50mm x 50mm, 2.4 metres 150mm x 25mm). However, I recommend the use of commercially produced, laminated timber beams such as “HYBEAM” etc. They are light, stable, very strong, and quite cheap. I use 300mm deep beams, but 240mm would be more than adequate.
Marine Grade Epoxy (such as “BOTE-COTE”)  12 litres
Glue/Filletting Additive 1 kg
Sanding Filler Additive 250 grams
Silicon Bronze Boatnails and Counter-Sunk Screws As required