Pilgrim Diaries #6 - 10 April, '11

I’ve been stalled on my own Pilgrim build, life is what happens to you rather than what you’d like it to be and too often the best laid plans just don’t happen.  But I was offered a boat at a deal that I could not turn down, and oddly enough there are some common elements. Both are trailerable, both gaff rigged, both not far off the same size, and are both very capable boats.  Check out what I’m sailing “here”.


Not one of my own designs, but she’s a lovely little boat and as I get to know her I’m enjoying her more and more. 

But there are a lot of Pilgrim plans sold, and as of this date in April 2011 I have reports of two sailing (sorry no photos yet) and have some pics from two builders.

Bob Denham in Kerikeri New Zealand  is getting close to complete on his cabin version and Chip Matthews is very nearly ready to rig his standard version.

Note that there wont be plans for a cabin version of Pilgrim, Bobs designed as he built,  but I’m working on a very slightly bigger boat of very similar character to Pilgrim (called Pelegrin, from a middle ages French word for Traveller, same root word as Pilgrim) which will have a comfortable two berth cabin with space for a caravan potty and a stove as well as a self draining cockpit and options as to keel or centerboard.

Here are photos from Bob and Chip. Thanks gentlemen, and lets hear about the launchings.


Bob's pictures - click images for larger views

Chip's pictures