Pilgrim Diaries #5 - 27 October, '09

I’ve not done any work on my Pilgrim for some months now, and may not get to do any for a while yet so I’ve asked if I can post these photos to show those who have bought Pilgrim plans the first stages of the build.  Thanks Bob for the help. ---

Bob Denham lives in the far north of New Zealand,  is only a few minutes from the water in the fabled Bay of Islands  and I’m hugely complimented that he and Jenny have chosen to build one of my Pilgrim designs so they can get out and about among the fabulous scenery there.

click images for larger views

Bob has sent me some pictures, frames and transom, setup jig, then some shots as the frames are erected around the centercase assembly.  That centercase looks big but remember that this boat has a substantial keel and the ‘case sides come right down through the keel to the top of the lead ballast to ensure that there are no leaks in that area.

The shape of the boat is just beginning to emerge, but it wont be until she has the stringers on that the full size of this very roomy boat will become evident.

Included in the series of pics are two essential tools, ones that get a real workout at this stage while measuring and drawing out is going on, and a nice photo of mother hen and her chickens which shows you what season we are in here in New Zealand.

In the meantime he’s doing a nice job,  it all seems to be going very well, and his feedback on the plans has been very helpful.

I’m looking forward to seeing the next batch of pictures, and wish that I was not so busy with other things that I cant make any progress on my own boat.  I have though obtained the mast and most of the fittings that I’ll need, some second hand and some from our friends over at www.duckworksmagazine.com  , and have sorted the spars, a nice 4 hp Yamaha outboard,  and most of the plywood ready for when I am able to return to the project.
Note that there are two Pilgrim builders ( so far) who are kindly posting pictures on the jwbuilders yahoo group, look in the photos section under Pilgrim.  Thanks people, much appreciated.

John Welsford